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 2k6 AMA SS Infinion Raceway

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PostSubject: 2k6 AMA SS Infinion Raceway   Mon Feb 05, 2007 10:45 am

Daved Glenn is carrying the onboard. you can see Jeff Seehorn (WMRRA), who was grided to his right (pulled away). Eli Edwards (WMRRA 2k5 #1) is gridded infront of our camera man.

the race was red flagged for rain...great video. watch it.

i believe Edwards finished 25th and Seehorn finished 26th.

on a personal note, i really like this track. it's fun. i love the esses. you're either on or you're not. if you botch one it's more than likely that you'll botch a couple/few more. the loading that you get feels great! after T1, you see the're just thinking, "christ!"

good stuff
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2k6 AMA SS Infinion Raceway
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