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 LCR + Playboy (yes, THAT Playboy!)

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PostSubject: LCR + Playboy (yes, THAT Playboy!)   Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:24 am

drmchsraj wrote:
fzck wrote:
motogpmatters ... Lucio Cecchinello close to signing a deal with Hefner to have his LCR sponsored by Playboy...
I wonder if the colour scheme will look anything like this???

Vaughan Coburn (1978)
that's a TZ350C model, btw .

frnknstn wrote:
late 90's...Austrian porn magazine... sponsoring teams in 250 and Sidecars. OKM. Their brolly girls definitely tested the boundaries...


Expect after-race comments such as: ""I was going hard as I could...navigating those soft btu dangerous curves...suddenly there was movement at the rear end....I lost it. Perhaps I should have used new rubber.............."
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LCR + Playboy (yes, THAT Playboy!)
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